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Productive Process

EADEC’s production process is based on a model of continuous control at all stages that assures the highest level quality:

1. The first step is a customized analysis of the needs of each client, which helps determine the custom design for the labels and the choice of materials that are to be used.

2. Subsequently we carry out strict controls on our inputs, which ensures a thorough monitoring of raw materials from the time they arrive at the factory, resulting in a final product of maximum quality.

3. After we receive the materials, they are held in a special storage space for printing products (inks, varnishes...) with temperature control in order to promote its proper implementation, and ensure that all of its properties are maintained.

4. In the production process, we perform the registration, control and printing of labels, all using the latest computer technology. Through the computer control of printing, we monitor quality during the printing of the labels.

5. It then proceeds to the handling, automatic inspection and final inspection of the labels.

6. Finally, the labels are ready to be sent to the client, ensuring always the maximum guarantee of delivery.

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