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Corporate Information


One of EADEC’s main objectives is to earn the satisfaction of our customers, and to achieve this goal, we make products of the highest quality, thanks to the use of the latest technological advances and ongoing training that our staff receives.

In 2000, as a result of this philosophy, EADEC obtained the ISO 9001 certification for quality and ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, becoming the first company in Spain that manufactures labels who to be awarded both certifications.

EADEC’s efforts to offer quality products has been recognized with two prestigious industry awards, the 1st European Prize for Quality Printing and the 1st Atef National Prize for the Printing Quality.

Environment Committee

This whole process is led by the Quality and Environment Committee, whose purpose is to assess the evolution of the company with respect to each year’s objectives, in reference to quality and the environment.

At EADEC, our relationship with our clients goes beyond specific commercial transactions. We are focused on creating and building long-term relationships. We complete a follow up review after each sale and we listen to our customers to learn from their experiences and use this feedback to constantly improve our products and operations.

We analyze any issues and consider all recommendations that come from each of our customers. We explore all reported incidents they experience with the internal controls in our manufacturing process and inspection. When we identify issues, we implement corrective actions to ensure they will be "NO Repeat" of any detected incidents.

We also review the "preventive actions" that members of the team propose to improve some the organization’s processes, including:

  • Reducing manufacturing time
  • Cost reduction
  • Improvements in manufacturing processes
  • Improvements in organization
  • Improvements in environmental management
  • Improvements in customer service
  • Enhancements after sales service

These measures ensure our customers benefit from an environment of "continuous improvement":

  • Preventive action
  • Organizational improvements
  • Corrective actions
  • Detection and correction of errors

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